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Work. Live. Play. Where to go for a #meatless food hunt? Guoco Tower has the answer

Work. Live. Play. Where to go for a #meatless food hunt? Guoco Tower has the answer

If you think you cannot survive a day without meat, think again. These restaurants are out to prove that going #meatless and eating #healthy can be as satisfying as indulging in your favourite high-calorie and high-sugar comfort food. Yes, great food without compromise is possible. You just have to know where to find them.

At Guoco Tower, you have seven healthy dining options to choose from (and there might be more in the future, watch out for that!) Meanwhile, you can take your pick from this list and enjoy your #meatless food trip with friends.

Starbucks - Oatmilk

Would you ever go to a coffee shop if you want a healthy drink? Maybe yes, but most of the time, you still worry about the amount of dairy there is in every cup. Well, worry no more as Starbucks has added Oat Milk to their menu. This nutty flavoured-drink is lactose-free but as refreshing and frothy as your favourite frappé or cappuccino. You don’t even have to be a devout vegan to like it. Order this healthy drink anytime of the day at Starbucks Guoco Tower.

Find it at #01-08

Dimbulah - Oatmilk

Offering the same kind of healthy goodness in a cup is Dimbulah, a coffee place whose beans originated from East Australia. Their coffee beans are famous for their sweet caramel and chocolatey taste but many people also come here to try their coffee with oat milk. Oat milk is a dairy alternative that has the closest resemblance to cow’s milk and a preferred choice for making latte art. But wait until you experience it with your caffeine fix! It promises to give your coffee a luscious, creamy, chocolate-y and toffee-sweet finish.

Find it at #01-03

Starker - Vegan Pasta

Founded by a master brewer from Canada and Faulkland, Starker offers the best unpasteurized and unfiltered German-style fresh beer. Not only that, but a wide range of main dishes, platters, and pasta with distinct flavours and healthy ingredients. You’ll be spoilt with choices that range from meaty to greens, to vegan pasta dishes you shouldn’t miss. Here’s a giveaway tip: Go for the Arrabbiata and Mushroom Aglio Olio.

Find it at #01-17

Randy Indulgence - Acai Bowl

What will you do to keep the doctor away? Randy Indulgence will say, “an acai bowl a day!” Known to fight certain diseases like high cholesterol, arthritis, weight loss and obesity, acai is a type of berry that is considered a superfood. Try it with granola, banana, strawberries, blueberries, coconut flakes and honey or indulge in a protein bowl and mix your acai with almonds and chia seed pudding. Enjoy your healthy acai bowl everyday for less than SGD15.

Find it at #B1-10

Guzman y Gomez - Burrito with Veggie Option No Cheese

Guzman y Gomez doesn’t just carry a unique name for a restaurant but it also gives an enjoyable twist to its burritos. Yes, you can enjoy this Mexican delight with no meat, no cheese, only veggies! You can also choose between white or brown rice. Have the freedom to say yes to what goes in your fresh soft tortilla and make every burrito experience unique. Did you know that Guzman y Gomez provides a comprehensive dietary chart showing the allergen content and veggie component of their food? Check it out if you’re curious about the numbers!

Find it at #B2-14

City Hotpot - Veggie Platter

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time here or not. The ingredients are fresh everyday, and every hotpot you try is as good as your last. The quality of the meat, seafood, and of course the veggies, won’t disappoint. Choose from more than 12 soup base and enjoy your individual hotpot. This place is ideal for small and big groups. If you’re coming with fellow green lovers, it’s a must to have their veggie platter! City Hotpot keeps hygiene and cleanliness on check to make sure that guests enjoy a truly healthy dining experience.

Find it at #B1-04

Han’s - Vegetarian Bee Hoon

Han’s serves the most mouth-watering pastries and superburgers in town but that doesn’t mean they care less for veggie lovers. In fact, they are known and loved for providing familiar dishes with a healthy twist. You won’t really mind ordering a vegetarian aglio olio pasta after hitting the gym. The wonderful trio of bell peppers, red pepper, crispy shallots (and the secret spices they put in) do wonders! But if you’re looking for a dish you can eat whenever you crave for something as good as and even better than meat, the famous Vegetarian Bee Hoon prepared with veggie spring rolls, fried tofu skin and gluten meats is the choice.

Find it at #B2-25

Now it’s no secret. There’s a #meatless treasure out there waiting for you in these restaurants. It’s time to visit Guoco Tower and discover great food that’s really good for you.

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