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Work. Live. Play. A Glimpse of 2020 with Guoco Tower

Work. Live. Play. A Glimpse of 2020 with Guoco Tower

The countdown has ended and another year has begun. How will you make your 2020 count?

This year, Guoco Tower will continue to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, family, and friends through experiences that will inspire you to celebrate life’s simple joys together.

To be exact, there are 20 reasons why you should be at Guoco Tower this 2020.

Guoco Tower is a tower of surprises and innovation

It is no secret, Guoco Tower is still the tallest skyscraper in Singapore at 950 feet high with 6 storeys of retail and dining hubs plus more than 1.7 million square feet of vertical city comprising of Grade A offices, landscaped gardens, a 5-star hotel, and a world class residential area. And we are not stopping here. We will continue to evolve and innovate so you can discover something new each day.

Guoco Tower is a game changer

Guoco Tower doesn’t just stand tall as a structure; we are a game changer. We find ways to contribute to our community and the world by initiating various projects and causes. Guoco Tower aims to drive the transformation of Tanjong Pagar precinct along with other stakeholders with our place making efforts.

Guoco Tower is family-friendly

Find a happy place for the whole family: salon pampering sessions for moms and daughters, park activities for kids, cosy coffee outlets for mom-and-dad dates, and spacious dining places for the whole family.

Guoco Tower is fearless

We don’t fear fresh ideas because we dare to be different. From our selection of retail shops to our architectural design and customer service, you’ll see that nothing was borne out of mediocre standards.

Guoco Tower is holistic

We balance work, life, and play. At Guoco Tower, it is easy to find that perfect spot where you can unwind with friends or have a peaceful dinner away from the week’s stress.

Guoco Tower loves music

Bonding moments calm the soul, much more when there’s music in the background. You can play the piano in the urban park or simply sit back and listen as someone serenades you with a piano piece or with a live musical performance.

Guoco Tower loves food

With over 45 food and dining options available, we need not say more. There is a restaurant for every palate and menu choices will satisfy every craving imaginable: from Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western and healthy food options.

Guoco Tower loves art

Art at Guoco Tower comes in many sizes and forms. From the concept behind our facilities to the various events we hold; from our visual displays to the minute details inside our Wallich homes. We make sure that every corner of your happy place is pleasing to the eyes.

Guoco Tower loves fashionistas

Guoco Tower loves chilling out

Different people, different ways of chilling out. Whether it’s outdoor relaxation or indoor pleasure you seek, we’ve got you covered.

Guoco Tower cares for the environment

We go modern without harming the environment. Guoco Tower’s Green Initiative encourages everyone to be eco-conscious by recycling electronic waste, paper and plastic cups, and reducing energy usage.

Guoco Tower cares for health and wellness

Our spacious areas are designed not just for leisure but for wellness. Jog, cycle, and stroll around our green spaces with your family and friends at any time of day to keep yourself fit.

Guoco Tower cares for dogs

Guoco Tower treats everyone as a family, dogs included. We partner with ASD and SOSD in conducting pet adoption drives to make sure every dog will find a loving home.

Guoco Tower embraces diversity

Guoco Tower offers an international array of food, products, and services to meet your changing needs and wants. Our community consists of various cultures and ethnicities, bringing you closer to home wherever you come from.

Guoco Tower loves community

We value togetherness and personal interactions. Guoco Tower is a place where you can rekindle relationships, forge new friendships, and find people with the same interests as yours. Watch out for our regular and seasonal events!

Guoco Tower loves scenery

Slow down to appreciate the finer side of things. From high and low vintas, indoors or outdoors, there is a beautiful scenery to behold at Guoco Tower.

Guoco Tower embraces freedom

At Guoco Tower, you can come as you are. Your individuality makes you unique and that’s exactly who we are.

Source: @heyyjaeee on IG

Guoco Tower embraces self-care

We want you to feel loved and cared for, inside and out. Whether it is a hair makeover, a spa treatment, or a yoga session with friends, we make you feel good about yourself so you can give the same love and care to others.

Guoco Tower embraces comfort

Our world class Wallich residences will cradle you in comfort and style at the end of a tiring day.

Source: Wallich Residence

Guoco Tower embraces connectivity

Access to all good things at Guoco Tower is easy. Our city is connected to the MRT station and residents of Tanjong Pagar are just a stone throw’s away to experiencing a weekend getaway.

Make your 2020 count by spending it with us! Share with us your Work Live Play Experience at #GuocoTower on Instagram!

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