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The Guoco Tower Christmas Gift Guide

The Guoco Tower Christmas Gift Guide

If you have a loved one who tells you ‘all I want for Christmas is you’, we gently suggest that you don’t believe them.

While some may insist that Christmas is all about the virtues of compassion, piety and charity, we suspect that they’d still be chuffed to receive a gift for Christmas. Here are some recommended gifts that you’ll be able to find at Guoco Tower.

Green Tea — Japan Rail Cafe



Infuse your Christmas with flavours from the Land of The Rising Sun, with authentic green tea from Japan Rail Cafe. With all the purported health benefits and natural oxidants present in green tea, this is bound to make a great (and healthy) gift for the entire family.

The tea leaves hail from the Gyokuro prefecture, widely renowned for having one of the highest grades of green tea in Japan.

Royce Party Treats — Royce



If you’re looking to liven up your party, you should definitely head over to Royce and buy them a box of Royce Party Treats. The pack comes in a medley of flavours, from Milk Cocoa to Caramel Berry, which makes it the best way to end off your Yule celebrations on a sweet note.

Tokidoki Plushie — Prec!ous Thoughts



Most of us have fond memories of courting our childhood sweethearts with gifts from Prec!ous Thoughts. This dedicated gift store will now help you relive your childhood in a whole new way. We don’t have to say too much about the Tokidoki Plushies—just take a gander at how cute they are!

Christmas Coffee — Honey World



Do you have a caffeine lover in your life? Head over to Honey World and get them a tin of Christmas Coffee from Whittard. This delectable coffee brand comes in the festive flavour of hazelnut, which is bound to get you and your loved one in a jolly mood.

Honey World offers a store-wide 10% discount this festive season.

Wine by Marchesi de Frescobaldi Castelgiocondo — Wines Online



No Christmas feast is complete without a bottle (or three) of wine. We’re recommending the pricier, classier option for those who don’t want to skimp out on the celebrations, but rest assured that Wines Online stocks a whole range of wines—from wallet-friendly options to vintages that are certain to wow even the most discerning connoisseur.

Necklace — Butterflies and Marigolds

Necklace: $19.90
Earrings: $23.90


Looking to accessorize for your Christmas celebrations? Check out this adorable necklace by Butterflies and Marigold. It’s an understated piece that pairs well with most of the casual looks in your wardrobe. For something a bit more striking, you can bling it up with this pair of earrings.

Get 15% off all your apparel with a minimum purchase of 2 pieces.

We Bare Bears Bluetooth Speakers — Miniso


Punny name and whimsical design aside, this lightweight Bluetooth speaker is the perfect desk accessory for your Type-A workaholic friends. It’s lightweight, supports hands-free call and completely wireless.

Wireless headphones — Miniso



Here’s another option from Miniso for those of you hunting for a pair of wireless headphones. They’re compact, affordable and easy to use. Just be sure to take care of your hearing, and don’t go blasting those Christmas carols too loudly!

Merry and Bright Collection — Starbucks

From $22.90

If you’re looking for a little something to spruce up your colleagues’ office tables this Christmas, be sure to drop by Starbucks and check out their Merry and Bright Collection. This range of festive-themed items are decorated with popular Yule motifs—like candy canes and snowmen—and are sure to bring the holiday cheer to your office.

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