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Ten Tea-rrific Facts From Dum Dum Thai Drinks

Ten Tea-rrific Facts From Dum Dum Thai Drinks

Here’s the scoop on Guoco Tower’s latest tenant —Dum Dum Thai Drinks—and the delectable beverages that they’re serving up.

If you’re visiting Tanjong Pagar, be sure to drop by Dum Dum at Guoco Tower for a delicious cup of Thai milk tea.

You don’t have to travel all the way to Bangkok to sate your Thai milk tea cravings. Guoco Tower’s latest tenant—Dum Dum Thai Drinks— serves up a vast selection of Thai tea, coffee and other delicious beverages hailing from the Land of Smiles.

We sit down with Timothy Cheong—managing director of Dum Dum Thai Drinks in Singapore— and the franchise’s head of marketing Abraham Nawawi to chat about the brand’s origins, and what makes their drinks so special.

2. Mammoth milk tea sales

On average, Dum Dum serves a mindboggling 1.5 million cups of milk tea to thirsty visitors every month. If you have #FOMO, be sure not to miss out and go grab one of their drinks.

3. The name game

According to Timothy and Abraham, Dum Dum is pronounced differently in every region that they’ve set up in. In Indonesia, this beloved brand is pronounced as ‘doom doom’, while the Thais pronounce it as ‘durm durm’.

4. Young and dynamic

Despite the huge number of outlets that Dum Dum operates, the brand tries to keep things from getting too corporate. “It’s a young brand operated by young people,” Abraham shares

5. Tweaked to local taste buds

When Singaporeans think of Thai milk tea, we tend to imagine it as being very sweet. “That’s how the locals like it in Thailand,” Timothy tells us. “But we’ve tweaked Dum Dum’s drinks in terms of the sweetness to suit local taste buds.”

6. Sugar—Yes please!

Don’t let the organisation’s name fool you: The Boys’ Brigade—Guoco Tower’s partner in this project—are old hands at community service. The Share-A-Gift programme started over 2 decades ago in 1998, and managed to reach out to over 41,000 beneficiaries with Share-A-Gift last year.

The sugar used in Dum Dum’s Palm Sugar series of drinks is a mix of organic palm sugar from Indonesia and black sugar molasses, which gives these drinks a whole different flavour.

7. Traditional and modern techniques

While the majority of the drinks at Dum Dum are made the traditional Thai way—with a coffee pot and a coffee sieve—Dum Dum’s Thai Tea Latte is brewed differently at the Singapore outlets.

8. Dum Dum’s Thai tea vs Taiwanese milk tea

While most Taiwanese milk tea is made with oolong tea and black tea, Thai milk tea uses Ceylon tea. In general, most of Dum Dum’s versions of Thai Milk Teas are less sweet than the Taiwanese variety.

9. Fantastic four

While Dum Dum now serves a dozen different drinks, the original drinks on the menu that the brand launched with are the Thai Milk Tea, Thai Green Tea, Thai Coffee and Thai Milo Coffee.

10. Diet-friendly indulgences

If you’ve been working out or staying off sugary treats, fret not! You can ask the staff at Dum Dum for drinks that have low or no sugar options, like black tea and black coffee. It’s the perfect pairing for healthy meals and desserts.

Dum Dum Drink Recommendations

Can’t decide on what to get from Dum Dum? Managing director Timothy Cheong has you covered, with his recommendations for first-timers.

For kids and those who avoid caffeine

Dum Dum’s Dark Chocolate is the ideal treat for young kids, as well as adults who’re trying to refrain from caffeine.

For Taiwanese boba lovers

If you’re a Taiwanese milk tea fanatic, you may want to give Dum Dum’s Coconut Palm Sugar Thai Tea a try. It’s paired with brown sugar konjac, which is healthier than tapioca pearls.

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