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Natsu Camp Fest—Basking in Summer Activities

Natsu Camp Fest—Basking in Summer Activities

Guoco Tower brings a summertime spring to your step, with the Natsu Camp Fest at the Urban Park.

Fun, food and festivities abound at Guoco Tower’s Urban Park, with the Natsu Camp Fest in full swing.

Summertime—The best time of year to sit back, bask in the rays, and spend quality time with your friends and loved ones.

From 15-18 August, JAPAN RAIL CAFE brought spring to the steps of attendees hanging out at Guoco Tower’s Urban Park, with its Natsu Camp Fest event filling the space with conversation, laughter and festivities.

Live music, anime screenings and a vibrant cheerleading showcase were just some of the highlights of this Japanese-themed summertime extravaganza. Read on for the lowdown on what went down at the festival.

Food and Festivities

No celebration is complete without food and a tipple or two. Besides an array of sweet and savoury snacks from vendors like JAPAN RAIL CAFE, Hattendo and Every, Nihonshu (Japanese alcohol) was a front-and-centre attraction for visiting foodies.

Aptly enough, this year’s event shone a spotlight on the Niigata and Nagano prefectures, as well as the Shikoku region. The two prefectures are famous for producing some of the most famous alcohol in Japan, due to its plentiful rice harvest and pure snow.

Visitors to the event were able to bring home a taste of Japanese craftmanship, with the diverse selection of artisanal sake (Japanese rice wine) that was on display.

Besides being able to purchase a range of alcohol, visitors were also treated to live displays, including a traditional cask opening ceremony and a sake sommelier workshop that had them discovering the subtle tastes of this signature Japanese wine.

Music and Merriment

Besides feasting, the four-day festival was filled with music and merriment, with live band showcases, craft workshops and exhilarating performances.

A diverse lineup of local and Japanese bands strutted their stuff on stage, serenading audience members with lively tunes and crowd-pleasing hits. These included groups like Glassheist—a local band that fuses the diverse genres of folk and jazz—and Musubi, a rock band whose setlist of J-rock and anime-themed titles delighted the audience.

To get audience members into the spirit of things, the cheerleading group from Albirex Niigata FC put on a display that showcased their teamwork and sleek moves. The star of the show was undoubtedly the children members of the group, who put on an adorable performance that warmed the hearts of onlookers.

Fun For The Family

Visiting families were in for a treat at the Natsu Camp Fest, with various wholesome activities and workout sessions for adults and little ones alike.

The good folk at Trium Fitness led a summer-themed yoga workout, employing the use of essential oils to rejuvenate and invigorate participants, while Three Star Brand held a session that expounded on the use of traditional medical ointments and oils to life the mood and sooth the body.

Fans of Japanese pop culture and families with children were also treated to two outdoor screening sessions by Japan Creative Centre: Children Who Chase Lost Voices—a wistful coming-of-age tale that centred on the theme of belonging—and Shodo Girls, a delightful foray into the world of performance calligraphy.


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