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Kira Kira Wonderland— A Sparkling Christmas at Guoco Tower

Kira Kira Wonderland— A Sparkling Christmas at Guoco Tower

Christmas at Guoco Tower was a sparkling affair, with Kira Kira Wonderland by JAPAN RAIL CAFE.

Here’s the lowdown on the feasts, fun and festivities at Kira Kira Wonderland, JAPAN RAIL CAFE’s Christmas event at Guoco Tower’s Urban Park.

Visitors to Guoco Tower’s Urban Park this Christmas were in for a treat, with JAPAN RAIL CAFE’s Kira Kira Wonderland enlivening the bustling space.

Following the success of previous seasonal events like Autumn in the Train and Natsu Camp Festival, Kira Kira Wonderland certainly brought a twinkle to the eyes of participants.

The event—which ran from 12-15 December— boasted exciting live performances, insightful craft workshops and vendors selling an array of Japanese snacks and beverages.

Here’s the scoop on what went down at Kira Kira Wonderland this Christmas.

Splendid Songs and Family Fun

In Japanese, ‘kira kira’ translates to sparkling, and visitors certainly got what was promised with the line-up of live music and entertainment at the event.

Over four days of the festival, participants were treated to a medley of live music performances, free movie screenings and spectacular dance showcases.

10-men band Musubi electrified the crowd with popular J-pop tunes, Irwin Zephyr got visitors bopping along to his mellow pop numbers, and the Kira Kira Wander Dancers put on an energetic dance display that wowed the crowd.

Toddlers and the little ones had a blast frolicking in the illuminated ball pit, and visiting families were treated to a selection of popular Japanese film, including the heart-warming Papa no Obento wa Sekaiichi and the whimsical Bushi no Kondate.

Resplendent Retail and Festive Feasting

Lovers of Japanese food were in for a treat during Kira Kira Wonderland, with a smorgasbord of delicious Japanese snacks to choose from. These included juicy pork cutlet sandwiches from Kimukatsu, fried treats from Hanahana and delectable finger food from event organisers JAPAN RAIL CAFE.

Visitors were also able to get in the holiday mood and engage in a bout of Christmas shopping, with wares, accessories and knick-knacks from vendors like Sylph, Kollidea and Cocoonese.

Craft and Creativity

Besides multisensory treats and enchanting entertainment, visitors to the event got the chance to immerse themselves in the world of craftmanship and Japanese culture, with a range of festive workshops and in-depth talks on various regions of Japan.

Participants at the workshops picked up the fundamentals of creating their own gift cards, learnt the intricacies of Japanese finger-painting, and made scented candles with aromas like cherry blossom and honeysuckle.

Avid travellers looking to take a Christmas trip to Japan gained insight into the tranquil northern region, with influencer Cheesie and photographer Alex Ortega sharing their experiences on the local delicacies, landmarks and attractions.

Looking to spend winter in a Japanese wonderland? The good folk at JAPAN RAIL CAFE (#01-90) have you covered. Swing by the space, grab a happy hour cold one, and have a chat with their friendly Travel Communicators to get your tickets and trip sorted out.

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