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Back to work? Guoco Tower has you covered!

Health and safety are top concerns with the ongoing Covid-19 situation and a safe and clean office environment would provide comfort and assurance when you are back in the office.

Did you know?

Guoco Tower has a state-of-the-art HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system.

What does this mean?

Air purging at all levels to replace the air within office space with clean and filtered air from the exterior is carried out after working hours on weekdays.

All air handling units (AHU) are installed with filtration system rated MERV 14 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) standard which could filter out up to 90% of air pollutants of 1 to 3 microns in size and equipped with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to kill microbes like bacteria and viruses in the air.

We also support homegrown start-up

A trial is ongoing at Guoco Tower to utilise indoor air quality sensors by air health company uHoo – a homegrown start-up – in keeping the workplace environment clean and healthy for occupants.

uHoo’s newly launched indoor environmental monitor measures and monitors at least 13 indoor environmental quality factors including temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, various particle sizes, carbon monoxide, air pressure, light and sound.

Our lifts are getting smarter too!

GuocoLand is also collaborating with IoT-enhanced lift maintenance company WeMaintain, for our lifts to be equipped with Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic capabilities to come under a testbed programme.

We want to ensure our lifts are running at its best performance and reduce potential breakdowns so that you get to your office floor on time, every time!

Have you met our cleaning robots?

Cleaning automation have been deployed to improve Guoco Tower’s safety and wellness standards. Neo and Triooo commercial cleaning robots are utilised for their floor maintenance and disinfection capability.

Besides having an app-based control system that allows building managers to manage cleaning performance and gather real-time operational data remotely, these robots make cleaning more efficient, reducing time and resources while being more environmentally sustainable as less water and chemicals are used.

At Guoco Tower, we are committed to innovation for the building and keeping you, our valued tenants safe when you come to work!

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