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7 Mouth-Watering Facts About Kiwami

7 Mouth-Watering Facts About Kiwami

Craving for Japanese comfort food? Be sure to drop by Kiwami, the newest addition to Guoco Tower’s trove of food options.

Kiwami dishes out delicious ramen and juicy gyozas for lovers of Japanese food.

With delectable dishes hailing from all across the globe, Guoco Tower’s diversity of restaurants makes it a great location for hungry office workers and foodies in the neighbourhood.

Kiwami—the latest eatery to open at Guoco Tower—is set to bring customers’ taste buds on a trip to Japan, with its signature bowls of ramen, juicy gyoza and delicious array of side dishes.

We sit down with Chef Yoshiyuki Kuroshima (check out our previous article about him here) to find out about the love, preparation and ingredients that go into the dishes at Kiwami. Here are 7 facts that we unearthed.

1. What’s in a name?

According to Chef Kuroshima, ‘Kiwami’ means ‘ultimate’ or ‘the pinnacle’ in English, which translates into the good folk at this establishment providing the best food and service that they possibly can for visitors.

2. Wheat that hails all the way from Japan

Japanese cuisine is famous throughout the world for the quality of its ingredients. According to chef Kuroshima, the northern region of Hokkaido’s is famous even amongst the Japanese for the quality of its wheat flour.

The region’s cold temperatures creates an ideal temperature for cultivating wheat, which explains the silky smooth texture of Kiwami’s ramen noodles.

3. Japanese ingredients, Singaporean palates

A ton of preparation goes into making the perfect bowl of ramen at Kiwami, with tonkatsu broth made from Japanese pork bones (including the skull of the pig) and simmered over 10 hours.

The noodles that Chef Kuroshima pairs with this broth have also been uniquely created for Singaporean palates. Conventional tonkatsu ramen uses thin white noodles, while the yellow egg noodles used at Kiwami have been tailored to Singaporean tastes.

4. One dish, a diversity of flavours

Lovers of juicy gyoza dumplings are in for a treat at Kiwami. The restaurant’s take on this beloved side dish comes with four different dipping sauces that you can choose from—Black Vinegar Soy sauce, Lemon Vinegar and Pepper sauce, Sichuan-style sauce and Ginger sauce.

With this variety, Chef Kuroshima hopes to introduce Singaporeans to the different ways in which gyoza is eaten in Japan and across the world.

5. Ramen and chill

Looking to unwind after a long day of work? You’ll want to pair your piping hot bowl of ramen with a Kiwami Freezer. The refreshing contrast is bound to put a spring in your step, and this ice-cold, bubbly beverage comes in a variety of flavours.

6. From Hokkaido with love

If you’re dining in a large group, or hankering for a variety of flavours, Chef Kuroshima recommends ordering the seafood-based side dishes with ingredients sourced from Hokkaido. These include the Hokkaido Surume Ika (Pacific flying squid) and the Hokkaido Oyster Fry.

7. Slurp those noodles

If you’re visiting Japan in the near future, don’t be surprised to see the locals slurping up their noodles with gusto! According to some food experts, this custom hails all the way back to the Edo period.

In Chef Kuroshima’s words, enjoying a good bowl of ramen is ‘a race against time’, and slurping will let you get those piping hot noodles in your tummy in a jiffy!

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